Top 22 Computer Ram 16Gb Brands in 2022

The most popular brands for Computer Ram 16Gb Includes Dell, HP, Intel, Fujitsu, Assemblati, Microsoft, Whitebox, AMD, NVIDIA, Fujitsu Siemens among many others.



Popular Brand

Michael Dell founded PC’s Limited in 1984 with the intent of providing customized upgrades for computers. The initiative was successful, and Dell dropped out of college to start building computers. Soon, he started selling his designs, which were met with tremendous success. Over time, he could offer computers of premium quality at economical prices. In 1988, the company was renamed Dell Computer Corporation and continued to provide modern products.



Popular Brand

The Hewlett-Packard Company was founded when completely electronic computers did not exist. It was 1939, and the only printers were industrial-sized. Its defining feature was its health care plan for its employees and its use of an open office floor plan, allowing for convenient operations. Its manufacture of high-end products allowed it to rapidly gain a presence worldwide, making it one of the most famous technology brands today.



Popular Brand

Who hasn’t heard about Intel, the world’s renowned technology company? Over the years, the company has undertaken corporate responsibilities for various firms boosting global technology. Intel has instilled its state-of-the-art AI in smart devices, participating in the digital revolution. The majority of laptops possess the intel core and graphics today! It is unequivocally shaping the future and making a global impact. Their focus is on how imperative it is to have an idea that uplifts lives and modernizes living.



Best Brand

IT is a field of knowledge that is growing at an extreme rate. All the ideas and concepts within the stream are proving to be useful for the development. Fujitsu Global is one of the leading IT services providers across the world, with years of experience and trained personnel. They provide a range of products varying from technology equipment to services and solutions for a bright future. Fujitsu is ranked sixth all around the globe.



Best Brand

Don’t you hate it when you are gaming, and the graphics start to glitch? A pro gamer like yourself needs the best of the best technological equipment. Assemblati provides an extensive range of PC and monitors for workplaces, schools, and gaming. These colorful, attractive, and sleek designed PCs have a range of RTX 3050-RX 6700 X of graphics cards and processors from intel i5 processors to AMD Ryzen 9 5950X for the most significant details with the latest hardware components. They also sell flat and curve LED monitors for a more immersive experience.



Best Brand

The year 1975 saw two boys convert a famous computer programming language for personal use. They went on to start a company and moved on to develop other programming languages. This company produced essential operating systems for the International Business Corporation’s first personal computer. In 1995, Windows 95 was released, which could keep up with the Apple OS. Today, we know the company as Microsoft.



Best Brand

WhiteBoxPC is one of the best pc building websites out there. Providing the best custom built gaming and streaming pcs made to fit your customers pc needs and budget. Let us build your next pc. Wondering how to build a computer? Let us build it for you.



Best Brand

AMD is a Silicon Valley-based multinational semiconductor corporation. It is the world's largest and most inventive computing firm, creating the future of technology for millions of intelligent devices, including personal computers, servers, and graphics processors. They mix primary and secondary technology. Its products are utilized in many applications, including cloud computing, entertainment, gaming, financial services, healthcare, and many more. AMD develops technology that transforms how people see and engross with the external environment.



NVIDIA is advancing visual computing. As a world leader in graphics processing, they develop groundbreaking, award-winning solutions for PC gaming, mobile devices, and cloud servers. The visual and interactive experiences found in laptops, desktop computers, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and self-driving cars are powered by NVIDIA's graphics processing units (GPUs). G-Sync, Shield, GeForce Experience and Ansel are a few innovative technologies the business has introduced. Programmers and gamers have embraced their hardware, and every central operating system uses its drivers.


Fujitsu Siemens

Fujitsu Siemens laptops are available in various sizes, designs, and feature sets. Their powerful business laptops are ready to use straight out of the box, thanks to a business-specific operating system and preloaded applications. These laptops are tailored to your needs, whether you need an entry-level device to enhance productivity, a robust individual solution for demanding professional usage, or a combination of the two. Customers may also improve the functionality of their notebooks by purchasing more memory or accessories.



Gaming is one of the best ways to relax and release the stress of a long day. It also helps build stronger hand-eye coordination and, in many cases, helps with cerebral stimulation if done in the right amount. SkyTech provides you with the best equipment there is for gaming. The products are built with 12th gen Intel core processors with a hybrid architecture, enhanced RT Cores and Tensor Cores, and fast G6X memory. They offer prebuilt gaming PCs, custom PC builders, and monitors from different collections.



ASRock Inc. is a global leader in the motherboard business. It was founded in 2002 and had a more significant edge in motherboards. Every product they manufacture is driven by the objective of "Bringing Enjoyment 'n' Quality." With their users, it has been quickly spreading over the world. They will become the greatest in the world with your help. They strive for maximum quality perfection, excellence, and the quest for innovation in the motherboard sector.



ZOTAC is a major worldwide innovator, technology provider, and experience provider. Award-winning graphics cards, tiny PCs, mobile devices, wearables, and platforms are among the products they create. ZOTAC innovations combine the most avant-garde PC capabilities to provide the perfect blend of performance, power efficiency, tiny form factor, and price. Customers benefit from the items since they are made using A1 quality components. They prioritize client pleasure and provide world-class service and support to back up their excellence.



Cyber Power PCs are the best gaming laptops that will make what could be a tricky year for PC hardware seem positively glowing. Great gaming laptops will not be far behind with the release of new Intel, AMD, and Nvidia GPUs and CPUs by Cyber Power PC. Gaming laptops appear to have mainly evaded the chip scarcity, despite some showy DDR5 memory or even decent CPU silicon. Cyber Power PC produces midrange and economy versions, which may be limited.



Olivetti is one of Italy's oldest companies. The company was founded as a typewriter manufacturer and eventually expanded into other...



CyberPowerPC is a renowned computer system maker in the United States, providing custom-built desktops, laptops, and workstations for any requirement....



Thermaltake is a technological brand that makes beautiful and potent high-quality products. The myth starts with a dream, and they...


Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a foundation that is based in the United Kingdom. Their main goal is to teach young minds...



Shuttle is a renowned computer firm offering products and solutions for commercial and residential use. They have dominated the P.C....



Compulab is a computer-on-modules or COM that is designed to meet the needs of the professional, industrial, and commercial markets....


PC Specialist

PC Specialist is a consumer-centric manufacturer of electronic products, particularly computers and laptops. The brand’s USP lies in its ability...


Puget Systems

Puget Systems are custom computer assemblers who aim to provide you with available systems that match your expectations of all...

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