Top Intex Alternatives and Similar Brands

The most popular brands similar to Intex Includes Bestway, Summer Escapes, Aqua Leisure, Swimline, Sevylor, Poolmaster, STA-RITE, Waterway, AeroBed, Hayward among many others.



Popular Brand

Bestway is a top goods manufacturer for above-ground pools and accessories, toys, swimwear, and other water sports-related items. Bestway has...


Summer Escapes

Popular Brand

Beat the scorching summer heat with fun swimming pools from Summer Escapes. They provide Quick Set inflatable pools that you...


Aqua Leisure

Popular Brand

Aqua Leisure Pools is a go-to destination for your pool's needs. They provide a diverse range of in-ground pool liners,...



Best Brand

Mr. Schwimmer established Swimline in America in 1971, intending to provide a pool and pool liners to every family. It...



Best Brand

Floating on an inflatable boat along a lake is easily one of the most relaxing activities for people in any...



Best Brand

Poolmaster is the nation's biggest commercial pool and spa maker. Filters, Heaters, Pumps & Motors, Valves, Water Treatments, and Accessories...



Best Brand

STA-RITE was established around 75 years ago in Wisconsin (USA). They manufacture and distribute products like pumps, tanks, and other...



Best Brand

Waterway, a U.S.A-based company has been the top choice for the shoppers in terms of the pool, spa, and bathing...



AeroBed's soft and comfy air mattresses provide a restful night's sleep. Their air mattresses are simple to fill and deflate...



Hayward has been enabling customers to lead a carefree life for over 80 years by creating an intelligent, technologically-sound pool...



Sable is a line of more fantastic, elegantly designed household goods. They are committed to providing exceptional client service and...



Swimways is a manufacturer of pool floats, water toys, and swimming equipment. Aquatic experts have thoroughly evaluated their items, and...


Active Era

Active Era is a leading outdoor products brand that was established in 2016. The brand strives to make camping a...



Water Pollution is one of the types of pollution that causes problems to the earth. Many water-borne diseases occur in...


Sleep Number

A mattress is like an ocean one can sink in and get comfy. Sleep Number is a mattress brand based...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Intex" brand popular for?

Intex is also known for "Swimming Pools, Pump Filters, Pool Floats, Pool Filters and Inflatable Pool" companies.

How is 'Intex' well known compared to other companies like Summer Escapes, Aqua Leisure and Active Era?

Mainly because 'Intex' is the most inquisitive company on the web between all four brands. Furthermore, it is ranked among nearly 85 similar categories such as Swimming Pools, Pump Filters and Pool Floats here on

Are Bestway and Waterco related to brands like "Intex"?

Certainly! Intex is comparable to Bestway and Waterco. All are famous Swimming Pools brands.

What is the average cost for ordering "Intex" brand items?

"Intex" is published in "Swimming Pools", which has median pricing of $56, with $19 to $199 price range. Correspondingly the brand is also listed in "Pump Filters", the category has mean costing of $64, with $8 to $299 price range.

Out of "Intex", "AeroBed" and "Waterco" Which one is the most admired "Swimming Pools" brand?

Intex is very established between mentioned companies primarily due to its highest consumer awareness on the web. Intex also listed on close to 85 different brand categories here on our site.

Is "Intex" a renowend "Swimming Pools" company?

Intex is featured as the most popular Swimming Pools company on our site. It is estimated that 450K buyers search about the brand on search engines per month.