Top 25 Long Boards Brands in 2022

The most popular brands for Long Boards Includes Arbor, Sector 9, Kahuna Creations, Madrid, Yocaher, Krown, Kryptonics, Quest, Santa Cruz, Landyachtz among many others.



Popular Brand

Arbor is the first action sports brand with over 25 years of experience, including the environment across everything they do. Their products are divided into five primary tabs: snow, skate, apparel, footwear, and bags. They offer snowboards, bindings, skateboards, wheels, clothing, and footwear for men and women. Numerous Arbor collective artists, photographers, and cinematographers are featured on its website.


Sector 9

Popular Brand

A group of friends used to hang out in a La Jolla backyard in 1993. A friend used to call the group 9balls and their hangout spot Sector 9. The gang needed a logo for some replacement skateboard boards when they decided that Sector 9 sounded catchy. And so, the name stuck. The basis of the company is to realize the raw feeling of skateboarding into their products, which they did successfully.


Kahuna Creations

Popular Brand

Kahuna Creations is the company that created the patented land paddle. The top longboards on the market are combined with top-notch land paddles in Kahuna Land Paddling. The products from Kahuna Creations are of the highest caliber and made to be used for many years. The riders at Kahuna Creations, who are dedicated to creating the best board riding equipment in the world, have carefully chosen the features and components.



Best Brand

Madrid Skateboards was founded by the Madrid brothers at a time when efficient and reliable skateboards were not widely available on the market. Their innovation and vision of creating skateboards that parallel the thrill and adrenaline rush of the sport resulted in a series of highly popular and successful collaborations with celebrities and film franchises to popularise the art of skateboarding. Their products and accessories remain an all-time favorite with beginners and professional skateboarders.



Best Brand

Yoacher is an American-based skateboard manufacturing company that was inaugurated in 1997. Since then, the company has grown manifold and earned a great amount of reputation and experience in manufacturing skateboards and longboards. Every part of the board is manufactured and designed in the USA only, with the design being constantly updated with the changing trends, preferences, etc. The boards so offered are top-notch in terms of quality, built, and sturdiness, accompanied by affordable prices, thus making Yoacher, the favorite amongst its customers.



Best Brand

Skating is one of the oldest yet trendy activities enjoyed by several teenagers as well as adults. Krown is a brand in this market that offers high-quality skateboards and other accessories to make it more manageable. Krown aims to make skating an internationally played activity and provide every skater with a good and functional product to make their skating journey smooth and enjoyable. They also manufacture snowskates and long boards to make skating more exciting.



Best Brand

Krytonics is one of the leading brands dealing with skateboards, doing exceptionally well in the market. It is a US-based established brand. They aim to produce reliable, stylish, and secured skateboards. They stick to their rule to create innovative and funky products. It doesn't discriminate between genders or age groups, i.e., anyone, whether male or female, a child or an adult, can carry out its design. It also creates the skating accessories like helmets, elbow pads, and many more. Their price range is fair and affordable.



Best Brand

Quest Diagnostics is the leading global provider in the diagnostic information service sector. Each day employees work hard to exhibit revelations about your body that will enable you to make important healthcare decisions. Evolving parallel to the healthcare sector has allowed the company to advance its goal. It believes that quality should not be compromised at all when it comes to health and ensures to toil away to prevent you from making regrettable decisions.


Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is an e-commerce platform where they have listed their hotels, restaurants, events, and services. The in-house restaurant follows the organic and farm-to-table trends and serves Mexican, Chinese, seafood, bbq, and vegan food; It includes hotels with spectacular seaside views for family holidays, romantic retreats, and business excursions. These hotels are close to the ocean, with prominent surfing areas and the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk.



Landyachtz is a leading brand in the consumer and retail industry. The minimalistic brand caters to individuals who love adventure and fun and offers products to enhance their experience. Their extensive product collection incorporates artistic skateboards, smooth cruisers, racing and dancer boards, ATVs, surf skates, snow skates, and downhill boards with a unique collection for children to enjoy the adrenaline. Customers will also find wheels, tools, kingpins, comfortable skating apparel, and more, on their website.



Bustin has a strong desire to the handcraft fantastic boards. They remain fixated on hand-crafting incredible boards. Each board is individually carved and completely constructed. Bustin contends that a unique individual need a board that is customised for them. In order to create Bustin Products and advance skateboarding in local communities, a global community of skaters who are dedicated to the idea of skating everything collaborate. Browse the finest products on the Bustin website.





Loaded Bikes is a UK-based organization with a foundation in high-level Motorsport and aeronautic design. Loaded bicycles foster creative parts and capacity frameworks for your experience vehicles to guarantee that everything has a spot and that all things are where they should be. Loaded Bikes takes a stab at flawlessness in all that they do, which isn't simple all the time. They plan capacity answers for your experience vehicles to safeguard your bicycles and assets. The quality and finish of Loaded Bikes are splendid.



With the help of innovation and a passion that drives its operations, Street Surfing is a modern brand in the street surfing products industry. The brand aims to enhance the thrill, adventure, and fun their customers have while street surfing, whether they are a beginner or advanced riders. The brand curates an extensive collection fit for all ages and safe to use. Customers will find a collection of skateboards, stunt scooters, cruisers and more.



Rayne is a US-based company that deals in the development and manufacture of longboard skateboards for every adventurous occasion. The...



Caliber is a skateboard truck manufacturing company. This company started back in 2010. Caliber wanted to produce a truck that...



Seismic Skate Systems, based in Boulder, Colorado, is one of the world's most prestigious longboard brands. They have been pushing...



Z-Flex is well-versed in the skateboarding and strong inline skating industries. They recently converted our business to entirely internet sales...



Is the everyday traffic bothering you? Well, brace yourself because the population will only increase with each passing day, and...


Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is the brand quenching the thirst and beating the summer heat in style. The brand has a unique...





Carver is a new and improved generation of a compact vehicle designed to mimic the qualities of a car in...



To capture the best inspector and cinematography experience with your drone. Yuneec provides you with the best exploratory drones for...



Dogtown X Suicidal is a skateboard manufacturing company that designs and creates authentic skateboards with eccentric designs. Muir brothers, the...



Hawngs offers wheels with the best characteristics, including those that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the customers....

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  • Model No: B0141OKMGW

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Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard | Bamboo and Har...

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  • Price Range: $$
  • Model No: B07T3BS4MX

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Satisfaction Score: 96%


WHOME Longboards Skateboard - 31" Pro Small Longboard Carving Cruising...

  • Agerage Product's Rating:
  • Price Range: $$
  • Model No: B07K783SX4

Store Website:

Satisfaction Score: 94%

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